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About us

History of the company

The Ashoka Ritual project was launched in 2006. The approach at that time was to create a network among artists. Since 2014, the art magazine artist ritual has developed from this project approach. Accordingly, we can look back on a company history of over 15 years.

Creative guiding idea

Levels of Meaning Ashoka Ritual


Ashoka was an Indian king who, more than 2,000 years ago, was the first of his guild to transition via Buddhism from exploiting his people and waging war to more devotion, charity and solidarity. After winning a war, Ashoka realized the carnage he had actually caused. A story that can be applied as a parable to many areas of contemporary life. Authenticity, inner expression, sustainability, and respect play important roles.



Act, custom, common, cult, rite, ceremony

Ashoka's insights and his newly acquired worldview can be transported to the present time as desirable developments and conditions.


Levels of Effect Ashoka Ritual



  • shock
  • something unexpected
  • something surprising
  • "Who or what triggers the shock?"



  • Association with movement
  • event, happening
  • progression and process
  • association with something mysterious and mystical
  • association with togetherness


Corporate Design

The original logo was created by Mr. Otto, a founding member of ashoka ritual. Subsequently, the name was adapted to artist ritual in the context of the art magazine.

The logo shows the letters "a" and "r" as well as the lettering "artist ritual". The "r" represents the artist's own life path. The arcs of the "a" represent life paths of other people that one crosses in order to implement an art or cultural project together for a while.

The neutrality of the logo can be applied to all cultural circles.


Structuring of the online offer since 2006 until today

The art categories were structured at that time according to their affinities to each other. Two superordinate areas were created. These were oriented to the topicality and novelty of the respective art or cultural direction:


Expressions of New School

  • DJ
  • Live-Act        
  • MC
  • LJ & VJ
  • Decoration        
  • Fire & Devil Stick Performance
  • Tattoos & Piercings
  • Bodypainting
  • Grafitti
  • Boarding, Skating & Surfing
  • Wild Brains – Eroticism

Expressions of Old School

  • Traditional Instruments
  • Bands
  • Singing
  • Drums and Didgeridoos
  • Theater & Visual Art
  • Esoterism & Wrapped in Mystery
  • Sculptures, Drawings & Paintings
  • Martial Art
  • Literature, Philosophy, Poetry, Reading & Satire
  • Choreography & Dancing
  • Cooking & Drinking Culture



From this fundament, the structure of today's art magazine evolved as follows.




  • Body Art
  • Decorations + Installations
  • Drawing
  • Interior Design
  • Painting
  • Street Art


  • Digital Design
  • DJing, LJing, MCing & VJing
  • Electronic Bands
  • Film Production & Video Production
  • Music Production & Live Acts
  • Photography



  • Magic & Artistry
  • Biking, Skating & Surfing
  • Dancing
  • Dramatic Arts
  • Erotic Art
  • Singing & Songwriting

Currently, the editorial team consists of about 10 people, alongside Solongo Enkhbat, Peter Lahr and Siegfried Uhl teaming up for the core editorial team.

Enjoy reading and browsing through the art magazine.

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